About Us -

'Mohanchaura - a resort in Jayanti' welcomes you to Jayanti, a small forest village at the fringe of Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jayanti is nested on the banks of the Jayanti river. On the other side of the river there is beautiful Bhutan Hills of Himalayan range. It is a picturesque place like a canvas created by a great artist. Jayanti is popular with hikers for its beautiful rivers of the surrounding landscape and wild fountains. The 13Km trek from Buxa duar to Jayanti is especially popular, passing through dense forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve. Jayanti is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate in the midst of nature. Jayanti offers all the peace and tranquility that is so missing in our busy humdrum life. Way to Jayanti from Alipurduar via Rajabhatkhawa through densely forested Buxa Tiger Reserve is a fascinating experience and another huge attraction of Jayanti tour. Meeting a herd of elephant of Indian gaur (Bison) on spotted deer on Banking deer on plenty of peacocks and a large variety of Himalayan birds are the most common experience on the way to Jayanti.

Our resort Mohanchura is best known for its architecture and hospitality. It is one of the finest resorts at Jayanti due to its breathtaking view, luxrrious rooms, warm hospitality and its convenient location to major attractions, namely Pokhri, Mahakal and Buxa Fort. Everywhere on the resortÂ’s walls and open spaces you will feel the essence of nature. It provides visitors a truly exciting and newarding jungle experience. The mainstay of Mohanchura lies on those people who dedicate their services for a cozy homely and secured stay of all our esteemed guests.

Place of Visit :

Buxa Fort : Situated at an attitude of 2600ft, Buxa Fort is a popular tourist destination among hikers . It is only 13 Km away from Jayanti and the path includes a 5Km track from Suntalabari to fort . The fort has a great historical importance. During the British rule in India, the fort was used as a prison to keep the freedom fighters behind the bars.

Pokhri : Only about 4 km from Jayanti, pokhri is a sacred and holy pond and is a place for religious worship among Buddhists and local people.

Mahakal : Only about 3 km away from Mohanchura , Mahakal is a cave made of stalactite and has great religious influence among local hindus and Bhutanese people. To reach Mahakal one has to hike through Jayanti river for about an hour and then a 15 minute trek from the river basin to Mahakal hill. It is always as life time experience to be at Mahakal and observe the beautiful stalactite caves crafted by nature. Many believe it as one of the 51 pith of Sati , where the upper limb of sati is believed to be dropped.